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    • Fruits
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  • 10 Years Experience

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How Our Story Began

25+ Years Of Experience

The main objective of Aarneema Neturals Pvt. Ltd. is to provide the alternative of the product like Petroleum, Medicines, Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides etc. which are Imported & giving burden on our economy. Also maximum of these products are diminishing the health and age day by day for all of us. These all products made available for you from ANPL is totally based on Indigenous Cow
Below are the Alternatives :-
Petroleum (like Diesel & Petrol) - BioGas based on Cow Dung & Ox based machinery.
Medicines - Medicines based on Panchgavya (Milk, Dahee, Ghee, Gobar, & Gaumootr)
Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticide – Fertilizers based on Gobar & Gaumootr like Jeevamtir, Ghanjeevamtrit, Jeevamtir & Pesticides like Neemastra, Agneaastra, Bramhaastr etc.
So ANPL humbly requesting you kindly support for Enrichment of Indigenous Cow Family as well as give your contribution for strengthen the economy of our country from buying more Indigenous Cow based products.
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